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Weather Policy

Ta’am Teva’s teachers will be following a weather safety manual developed by personnel at the Morton Arboreteum for their preschool and outdoor activities. Children will not be going outside if there are Tornado or Severe Weather Warnings. Children will also not be going out if the “real feel” temperature is below 10 degrees or over 94. We will be using an App from to send us alerts anytime these parameters are imminent. Of course, we will also be observing and watching forecasts before and during program hours.

Questions What Happens in Bad Weather?

Although the focus of our program is to spend time outdoors, we do not want children to be uncomfortable or put them in dangerous situations. We want children to enjoy their time outside! There will be days that our time outside will be limited because of weather conditions. During such time periods we will engage the children indoors with natural materials and information about their environment. For example, the children may use moss and tree blocks to create habitats for pretend animals.

Questions What Kind of Gear Does My Child Need for Cold Weather?

Families will receive a list of items needed for the program after they register. That list will include warm coats, boots, hats and water proof mittens. However, Ta’am Teva will always have extra wool socks, mittens, boots and snow pants on cold days so that everyone is safe and comfortable. Of course, any community items used will be washed/disinfected after each use.

boy in a rain coat

Questions What About Rainy Days?

We will be going outside on rainy days as long as there is no thunder or lightning in the area. Ta’a m Teva has muddy buddy suits and boots for the children to wear over their clothes. What could be more fun than splashing in a puddle? With our “Muddy Buddy” gear families won’t have to worry about clothing being ruined. The Muddy Buddy suits will be laundered after each use so that no germs are spread.