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Our Curriculum

We believe in using an emergent curriculum which means that we will closely observe the children to see what they are interested in and intentionally plan our learning experiences around those observations. We hope to provoke your child’s natural curiosity and encourage the development of problem- solving skills. For example, when they are building outside and their structure keeps falling over, we might ask how they can build differently. The outdoors provides an endless supply of interesting material to observe, question and use. All developmental and cognitive areas are easily covered through an outdoor curriculum.

Curriculum Literacy

We will be reading books, using journals and engaging in storytelling which all help provide the building blocks your child will need as they learn to read. One of our children’s favorite activities has been recognizing letters in the natural environment or spelling their name in the sand or snow.

Curriculum Math

The children will be using measuring tools, comparing shapes and sizes and learning about the natural patterns that occur in plants and animals.

Curriculum Science

The foundation for any science activity is the ability to observe and notice how things differ or are similar. Children will be working on those observational skills on a daily basis. One of our favorite questions occurred when a little girl was exploring the stickiness of real honeycomb from a bee hive. She looked up and asked, “Do the bees ever get stuck in here? How do they get out of the honeycomb.?”

Curriculum Social & Emotional

One area we will be working on with children is developing their ability to engage in cooperative play. We will be introducing team building activities where they have to work together to experience success.